Dear Golfers

What is it that makes playing golf in Pattaya a unique and wonderful experience? Why, as this writer will claim, should we Farang feel just a smidgeon fortunate each time we tee it up in LOS? Yet in contrast there are many who can feel downright exasperated. Whether such frustration is due to local rule variations, a tiresome or indifferent caddie, or not being able to handle the conditions, it could mean missing out on enjoying one of life’s true treasures – playing golf in Pattaya. One purpose of this blog is to look at common causes of golfer frustration, to analyse them and to suggest ways to address them. Another reason is simply to discuss matters relating to golf, particularly Pattaya golf.

Want to know the effect grain has on your putt, and how to read same? How do you get the best out of your caddie? Why do you seem to annoy your golf organiser, without even trying? And why are some golfers invariably late for the presentation? These topics and many more will appear under Posts over the coming months.

Please understand this: I have huge respect for the game of golf, along with its legacy and its ability to cater for all. I also respect Thailand and things Thai in equal measure. I therefore regard the privilege of playing golf in this country as just that – a privilege. Comments  that show blatant disrespect for either the game of golf, or Thai people, will not be welcome.

Happy golfing to all.



3 Responses to Dear Golfers

  1. Mr Len says:

    Brilliant Golfnutter. At last, somewhere where we can all savour the unique Pattaya golf experience, warts and all!

  2. I would love to play some golf in Thailand some day. Thanks for this. Will help with my golf journey

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